We're serious about helping women business owners and our new scholarship and sponsorship program does just that.

The Scholarship Program provides business owners who are struggling financially with one year of complimentary WNA membership to give them the gift of networking.  


1. Applicant is a new business owner.  "New" means the business has launched within the last 90 days. 

2. A copy of a one page business plan is required for review.

You can apply for a Scholarship here.

The BRAVO! Awards

The BRAVO! Awards are designed to encourage, reward and recognize those women and men who represent the qualities we foster, promote and encourage.

Excellence Awards

These awards are given to those members who have acted with excellence on a project, particular event or activity and should be recognized for their contributions.

Inspiration Award

This award is given to the member whose actions clearly inspire us grow ourselves and our businesses by providing and recommending ideas, lessons and educational opportunities.  The recipient of this award is clearly an inspiration to the group and one that the group highly respects as a leader in business.  

Leadership Award

This award is given to the member who has demonstrated leadership within and outside of the group including promoting our organization and its members.  

Member of the Year

This award is given to the member that clearly supports all of our goals including supporting each other personally and professionally. Attendance, number of referrals and activity within the group is a heavy consideration for this award as well as the member’s ability to promote WNA and its members.  The recipient of this award truly demonstrates the purpose of the Networking Alliance and our charter to grow ourselves and our businesses.

National Program Awards

The National Program Bravo Awards are designed to recognize members at the national level for their efforts and accomplishments.

National Member of the Year

This award is given to a chapter member of the year that has made an impact within the Networking Alliance as a whole.  The recipient of this award truly demonstrates our purpose and charter to grow ourselves and our businesses.  This award is a voted award amongst the national board.  

Chapter President of the Year

This award is given to the chapter president that has demonstrated their ability to create, lead and manage a chapter that truly supports all aspects of our foundation including community involvement and education.  The recipient of this award has successfully chosen members to create a collaborative and partnering chapter, has outstanding communication skills and has earned the respect of their members.  

Community Giving Back

All Chapters are required to contribute a minimum of one community event per year. These events can not have religious connotations or require a financial donation or investment on the part of our members. Events should consider the physical condition of all members, sexual orientation and ensure that events are held in venues and on dates that are available to all members.

We are pleased to support your community event by lending our Mobile Marketing kit which includes a banner, business cards and associated giveaways. We can also issue press releases, post your events on our website (don’t forget to post to the Community Market) and support you in a variety of other ways which are applicable. All Community Events must be discussed and approved by the Community Director office prior to taking place. For questions, requests for support and approval, please contact Jen Jaciw of Lone Star Limo.

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