Attendance:  Members are asked to attend all meetings, however, missing a meeting once in a while is understandable.  However, if a member misses more than two meetings in a quarter or consecutively, she/he should reconsider their membership. The Chapter Board will attempt contact the member to resolve the membership issue, however, the member can be removed if missed meetings continue. Lastly, if the member can not attend, she/he can not send anyone in her place.  

Business Ownership:  Potential members of The Networking Alliance must own their own business, not be a part of an MLM and must not be in competition of any other member within the chapter she/he is potentially joining.

Chapter Policy:  Members may be a member of two chapters at a time, as long as there is no conflicting business in the second chapter. Membership dues and attendance expectations of a second chapter membership are the same as the first. 

Children at Meetings:  No children under the age of 16 years old at regular meetings. Young adults are invited to attend for research purposes only.

Membership Dues:  Members must have their dues paid at all times. Members who lapse in their payment of dues can be suspended until dues are paid.  Membership dues are $200 per year for regular members, $150 for board members and chapter presidents and national board members are free for the time they are in office.  There is a late fee of $25 if dues are over 10 days late.  Dues are non-refundable.

Leave of Absence:  Members are able to take a leave of absence for three months. Although the member will not be attending meetings for three months, dues will still need to be paid in full to hold the member spot. Membership dues will not be put on “hold”.

Political and Religious Affiliation and Privacy:  We do not subscribe or allow the promotion of any political or religious activities and asks that you respect, at all times, other members privacy. We do not disclose any information to anyone outside of our organization for any purpose.

“Side” and “Family Businesses” Promotion:  Members can not promote more than one business and must declare their business upon joining. Members can share information about deals and events of other businesses at the end of the meeting providing it does not conflict with any other business in that chapter or contain invitations to religious or political activities.  Promotion of competing businesses of other members is never appropriate.

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Code of Business Conduct 

It is the policy of The Networking Alliance to provide our Code of Business Conduct, which will serve as a guide to our standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism and confidentiality for all members. 

Attend Meetings

I will attend meetings consistently. I understand that a core quality of The Networking Alliance is to be involved our chapter. I understand that if I miss two meetings in a row, I will receive a call from the Membership Chair. If I miss three meetings in a row, I will be contacted by the Chapter President. I understand that I can be dismissed for multiple absences within a given year. I understand that The Networking Alliance has a leave of absence program if I am going to miss multiple meetings due to an emergency or other life situation. 


I will not share any confidential or personal information about any members. 


I will not interrupt or carry on a side conversation while someone else is speaking during a meeting. I will listen to the ideas of others without criticizing their views. 

Be Professional

I will act in a professional manner at all times. When conducting business I will respond to members in a timely manner, show up to appointments and follow through with business agreements. If I have an issue with another member, I will address it directly with that member. 

Be Respectful of Time

I will be respectful of other people’s time, including arriving to meetings on time and showing up for scheduled appointments on time. 

Respect Others

I will honor and value the abilities and contributions of others. I will be aware of the needs of others. I won’t judge anyone based on their needs, values or beliefs.

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